Falling in Love … Again !

17bd70ab-706e-44b5-8a1c-fad2a66383d1Looking at her was someone she had never met before, yet the strange familiarity. There was something attractive about this person.

Flawed yet perfect !

The scars seemed to add to the persona. The dents created by the yester year pimples seemed to add to the looks. The uneven dental set, the chipped off front tooth, managed to let out an endearing smile. The crooked nose looked cute and perfect. The small eyes seemed to be filled with dreams and desires. The lips, not rosy and smooth, yet desirable with its tint of dryness and fullness. The eyebrows, though scanty, seemed to be beautifully curling around the eyes, like embracing in a warm hug. The freckles and wrinkles, all very subtly showing the years that has gone into the making of this person. I stand there in awe of the person.

Life has thrown many cards, Some good, some bad. Judged at times, criticized at times.Fighting some battles, succumbing to a few. Loved at times, taken for granted many a times.

Choices, compromises, rejections, depressions, had all found their way in, yet, standing here was a person dazzling with an unexplainable aura.

Beauty they say, lies in the eye of the beholder. Standing in front of me, was the most attractive person in the entire universe.

The more I looked for flaws, the more I was drawn to them.

It had been long since I felt this way for anyone.

A few days ago, I had been in a state of depression. Feeling not loved, is not an easy feeling to deal with.

Amidst the daily routine, there is always a hope for that love. A Love, that can be all encompassing. A love, that can make you feel special. A love, that can get that glow on your face and a sparkle in your eyes. A love, that can give you beautiful dreams and deep peaceful sleep.

A few days ago, I had felt so ugly and unwanted. Beauty treatments, unwanted shopping, expensive spas, nothing seemed to be showing its magic on me. I still seemed to look the same. I kept trying. So much so that I decided to chop off my tresses. A new look can give you a new life, I had thought!

I had forgotten my core self. I had been shaped the way the world wanted to look at me. In the desperation to love and be loved, I could no longer recognize who I was.

I wanted to experience true love! A love that can make me feel beautiful. A love that can make me forget all the failures of the past. A Love that can reignite the spark that was long lost. A love that can make me feel beautiful. A love that would treat me like a princess, pamper me and wrap me around in its comfort and luxury.

A few minutes ago, until I met this person, life was just through everyone else’s eyes and being hopeful about feeling loved all over again. In this magical, mesmerizing moment, I could not take my eyes off this person!

Standing in front of the mirror, I realized, I was falling in love, all over again !

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